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'naked' packaging

Samudra Skin & Sea takes a serious stance on reducing plastic waste. From product design to packaging to shipping, we strive to keep our oceans and landfills plastic-free. This is why our skincare essentials are encased in beautiful glass jars we hope you will reuse. They make great vessels for small greeneries, spices, and candle holders. Our soap bar in particular, created for hair and body, eliminates the need for bottled shampoos and conditioners. Driven by this ethos, we advocate the need to eliminate single use plastics.

shelf-life & storage

Our products are handmade in small batches with organic ingredients that may vary from product to product. We recommend checking the ‘use by’ date for optimal use. The 6M indicator means the product can be used up to 6 months after opening. Due to the organic nature of our ingredients, you may notice slight variations in coloring over time as the product settles. We do not use synthetics, fragrances or dyes to ensure utmost freshness and safe application. We recommend storing all products in a cool, dry place.

new products

We are currently researching new products to add our introductory skincare line. Stay tuned via our newsletter and social media platforms below for updates.

product disclaimer*

We hope Samudra Skin & Sea products benefit your skincare routine. Please note, our products are not intended to cure or prevent any diseases. The information presented on our website is provided for general purposes only and not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.