Are you in on the secret of seaweed? We’re talking nourishing, hydrating, detoxifying, anti-aging, balancing, and renewing. It’s no surprise beauty experts around the world are crowning seaweed the new ‘superfood’ for skin.

Seaweed is packed with an unusually high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from growing in the rejuvenating qualities of seawater. Although its restorative powers are impressive (some seaweeds can grow up to two feet a day!), we’d be gravely mistaken to treat it purely as a commodity for human use.

Seaweed forests of the ocean are home to thousands of marine animals who depend on its nutrient-rich properties to survive. Marine plants are estimated to produce 70-80% of the oxygen in our atmosphere, making seaweed not only a nourishing gift from the sea but an essential resource for the entire planet. Guided by an ‘ocean-first’ ethos, we sustainably harvest wild seaweed by hand from the pristine waters of the Mendocino coast. The plants are never uprooted—merely trimmed à la your now-and-again visit to the hair salon.

Whether you suffer from sensitivity like eczema, dry skin like the Sahara, or simply need a healthy boost in your daily routine, seaweed can help. By protecting what’s precious, our promise is eco-luxe skincare that delivers glowing results while keeping our blue planet healthy.

Click here to learn more about our harvesting methods. We’re also proud to report that our seaweed sourcing sites in Mendocino county received top-notch grades for coastline water quality.