Hydrating Body Butter

Hydrating Body Butter

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Our ultra-rich body butter melts into your skin to moisturize and heal. Shea butter firms and hydrates, locking in moisture to leave skin supple and smooth. Our balanced formula is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin types with dry skin and eczema. Use daily. A little goes a long way!

$34 for a 4 oz. glass jar // $20 for a 2 oz. glass jar

Samudra Tip #1: Perfect for post-shower pampering, pair with soap bar for luminous glow!  

Samudra Tip #2: Apply directly to stretch marks to help balance pigmentation and maintain hydration.

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Most lotions are too greasy, too strongly scented, or make me feel dry later in the day. Samudra’s body butter leaves me hydrated all day long and has a nice calming scent. My skin has become much more even and smoother.
— Kira G.

key ingredients:

organic wild seaweed, “kombu”

organic shea butter

organic neem seed oil

organic rosemary hip extract