Lather-Rich Soap Bar for Hair and Body

Lather-Rich Soap Bar for Hair and Body

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Our soothing and hydrating soap leaves your body moisturized and oh-so-fresh! Avocado and seaweed combine to make the ultimate food for skin. Special organic oils with anti-bacterial properties purify, protect, and hydrate. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive types with dry skin and eczema.

Our lather-rich bar doubles as shampoo, clarifying and conditioning hair for a healthy shine. Determine lather amount based on hair thickness, dryness, and length. Because our formula is sulfate and paraben-free, it’s 100% biodegradable. Enjoy!

$12 for 1 soap bar


$33 for 3 soap bars (bundle)

Samudra Tip #1: Pair with hydrating body butter to sink into your senses and rejuvenate for post shower care.

Samudra Tip #2: Biodegradable means you can take it outdoors, safe for you and the planet!

Samudra Tip #3: Great to use for shaving!

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I tried the soap from Samudra and I must say that it is really good. When I was growing up I used a soap bar for hair and scalp and haven’t found one since. When I saw your organic soap I could not resist, I’ve recommended many people to buy your products based on its quality.
— Meenakshi B.

key ingredients:

organic wild seaweed, “kombu”

organic avocado butter

organic shea butter

organic argan oil

organic lemongrass extract