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Shilpi Chhotray, Founder & #GirlBoss

Welcome! I am an ocean advocate and social entrepreneur with deep love and respect for all marine life, from charismatic whales and dolphins to colorful corals and seaweed. I’ve struggled with dry skin and eczema for as long as I can remember and developed severe allergies as an adult. When irritated, my face and arms break out into patches of eczema, which is painful and frustrating. I quickly realized that traditional skincare products were full of synthetic compounds and chemicals that aggravated my allergic reactions.

I’ve always felt at ease in the ocean. I noticed after bathing in natural saltwater and seaweed, my distressed skin felt soothed and revitalized. I created Samudra Skin & Sea to concentrate the healing properties of seaweed, while respecting the sanctity of our ocean ecosystems. I also work  at The Story of Stuff Project where I am the Regional Officer for the global #breakfreefromplastic movement. One of my favorite activities is exploring the rocky intertidal ecosystem and being one with the marine creatures that call the ocean home. 

My favorite Samudra Skin & Sea product is the Detox-Restore Kit. The combined benefits of the Detoxifying Face Mask & the Restorative Face Cream create an incredible solace for my dry skin and eczema. As a frequent traveler, I also love the carry-on size of this powerful duo! 

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Emily McGrath, Director

I am a health-conscious product aficionado with a holistic perspective on the beauty industry. For the past ten years I have been carefully researching the ingredients of the skincare products I use, making sure that they are not only clean and effective but sustainable and socially responsible as well.

I love representing Samudra Skin & Sea because our brand takes such a comprehensive and integrated approach to creating products. Commitment to effective and pure skincare is only half our objective...ensuring our products are actually beneficial to the planet is a crucial and indispensable part of our mission. Join me in celebrating the importance of  oceans to humans and animals, and making choices that keep all the inhabitants of our little blue planet safe and healthy.

My favorite Samudra Skin & Sea product is the Restorative Face Cream. I love how fresh it smells and how my face glows after I use it.

Andrea Bertoli, Brand Manager

I'm a healthy living advocate passionate about making the world a greener place. I've worked for years as a plant-based chef and educator helping people improve what they put in their bodies. In my role as Brand Manager at Samudra Skin & Sea, I'm excited to spread awareness about how healthy skincare products are just as important as a healthy diet.

I was drawn to Samudra because of the company's "ocean-first" approach to skincare. Not only do we offer a beautiful line of skin-changing products, but they are sustainable, vegan, and free of harmful ingredients. Our partnerships with groups like 5Gyres and The Marine Mammal Center are a crucial part of what makes us different as a company, and help us achieve our environmental stewardship goals. Our company is a model for better business, and I love being part of a mission-driven brand.

My favorite Samudra product is the Hydrating Body Butter, which makes my skin bright and soft, especially after a long day of sun and sea adventures.