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Anna Douglas

Anna Douglas
Yoga teacher & Co-Founder,
Renew + Restore

@annadouglasyoga // @renew.restore

As a Seattle native, I have always been connected to wellness and the outdoors. Samudra captures the idea of back-to-basics. I truly believe in their mission and their products, especially their goal of keeping the water I love clean and free of toxic chemicals. I co-own an international yoga and surf retreat company called Renew + Restore and it has always been crucial to work with people who reflect the fundamental principles I stand for: honest ingredients and pure intentions. 

Favorite Samudra product: Clay Mask. I spend many hours in heated studios and in direct sun teaching on the water, so the mask is essential to restore and revitalize! My skin literally drinks it!

Erika Bergman

Erika Bergman
Submarine pilot & Co-Founder, theGEECs.com


I’m an adventurer at heart. My lifestyle consists of traveling around the world as a submarine pilot and National Geographic explorer. My goal is to empower girls to achieve non traditional career paths and follow their dreams. I introduce youth to welding and underwater robots to create the next generation of female underwater robot pilots. Samudra represents so much of what I believe in: a lifestyle inspired by oceans and one that empowers girls and women to reach their goals.

Favorite Samudra product: Sea Soap. I love that it’s the only product I need since it's for hair and body, plus it’s biodegradable which means it’s good for people and the planet.

Marcela Avila Lopez

Marcela Avila Lopez
Founder, Lunamar for the Planet


I’ve always been inspired by people and cultures. After years of living around the globe with the ocean as my office, I created  Lunamar for the Planet. Lunamar is a brand of handmade swimwear and bracelets that supports social programs around the world. In my free time I love scuba diving, free diving and surfing. Samudra shares my passion for all things ocean, as well as healthy, holistic living with dedication to ethically made goods.

Favorite Samudra product: Body Butter. I love that I only need the smallest amount to keep my body refreshed and glowing.

Josie Iselin

Josie Iselin
Seaweed artist, author & Founder, 
Loving Blind Productions


I’ve been drawn to the ocean for as long as I can remember, where the seaweeds of our California coast blossomed into a lifelong passion. As a designer and author, I focus on using a combination of art and science to explore the water’s edge as a place of self-discovery and portal to our blue planet. Samudra's clear concern for the wild and unfettered health of the spectacular and essential marine organisms in our ocean is an inspiration to me. My artwork adorns Samudra's packaging and I am delighted to represent this dynamic venture and help it grow as an example of how to do business right.

Favorite Samudra product: Face Cream. As one watching wrinkles evolve, I have tried many face creams and this one truly is above and beyond.  

Ellen Cuylaerts                                              Underwater & Wildlife Photographer


Living on a tropical island, I spend most of my days in or around the water. I love the salt on my skin, in my hair and walking barefoot on the sand through the washing waves. Being in nature also means being confronted with human impacts to the sea (plastic pollution and climate change). As an ocean ambassador talking about awareness, preservation and conservation I emphasize on the importance of being the change you want to see. Samudra's products and roots are the perfect fit: protecting our blue planet, creating awareness and offering biodegradable products making the beauty routine eco friendly and super efficient.

Favorite Samudra product: Sea Soap. One bar nurtures my body and hair. It is easy and light to pack to far and remote places.